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Aging factors and influence of geotextile

Jul 25, 2017

Geotextile aging refers to geotextile in the light of the sun, temperature changes, biological erosion, chemical corrosion, water effects of various external factors, so that the strength and performance of the fabric geotextile gradually weakened, fertility to lose its function. This process is the ageing of geotextiles. The effect of many factors on the aging of Geotextiles is also very complex, and it is often the result of several simultaneous effects. 1: Synthetic polymer polymers, solar radiation is the main factor of degradation of the foot polymer. The radiation of ultraviolet rays in sunlight is the most important reason for the aging of fabrics, because of the ultraviolet radiation that makes the polymer polymers produce photo-oxidative decomposition, in particular, the wavelength in the $number 400mPm (soap micron) ultraviolet light, the polymer has a significant decomposition, because geo-cloth within the range of ultraviolet energy is higher than the polymer chemical steamed fracture of the energy needed, so the polymer material aging is very obvious. Polypropylene is less than the molecular structure of the presence of tertiary carbon atoms, tertiary carbon atoms of carbon hydrogen bond can be smaller, thus unstable. Therefore, polypropylene has a greater sensitivity to oxidative degradation, and its wavelength is most sensitive when it is 310mF "(soap Micron). The intensity of ultraviolet radiation varies with the intensity of solar radiation, and the aging speed of geotextile is also related to the type, structure, color, temperature, humidity and admixture of geotextiles.

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