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Automatic feeding system from Shendun

Nov 16, 2017

Shendun technology through many years of polymer production line of research and development, manufacturing, the intelligent equipment for a major breakthrough, the company independently developed feed god shield (SD - GK) software chip, successfully create polymer waterproof coiled material and waterproof board dedicated automatic concentrated feeding, metering, ingredients, feeding equipment integration system.Fully automatic feeding, measuring and mixing system equipment


System equipment configuration parameters:

1. Feeding system

Main motor: 3KW suction (kg) : > 1000 kg/h

Transmission height: more than 5m feeding control: SD-GC sensor signal source

Ii. Measurement system


Storage container: the control capacity of the valve 100 pneumatic butterfly valve: 100 kg group: 4 groups

Meter: sensor SD-GM system automatic measurement capacity: 150 kg

Measurement accuracy: plus or minus 0.05%

Ratio speed: greater than 1000 kg/h

Hybrid systems


Host power: 11KW dry heating power: 6KW

Mixing capacity: 600L mixing speed: more than 1000 kg/h

Iv. System control


Interface: PLC touch core: SD-GK chip


The main application of system equipment

1. High polymer waterproof material extruding machine ingredients: such as TPO waterproof roll, PVC waterproof rolling material, PE waterproof rolling material, etc.

2. The former ingredients of the earthwork membrane waterproof board: EVA waterproof lattice, ECB waterproofing board, CPE waterproof board, etc

3. It can also be applied to: feed farming, planting fertilizer, etc.


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