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Building waterproof material industry chain analysis

Jan 03, 2018

Building waterproof material is an important part of building functional materials. In the construction of the building, the waterproof material forms a whole waterproof layer on the surface of the building so as to achieve the ability of waterproofing or enhancing the anti-seepage. Therefore, the quality and the application effect are directly related to the structural effect and the service life of the building. With the improvement of the world's architectural level, architectural waterproofing is increasingly valued by the construction community. Waterproofing materials for construction are widely used.

Currently, the main application areas include roofing, underground, exterior and interior of houses and buildings, bridges and tunnels for expressways and high-speed railways, municipal engineering such as urban road bridges, underground pipe galleries and underground space, Subway and other traffic engineering; diversion canal, reservoir, dam, water conservancy power station and water conservancy projects. 

In recent years, with the development of the national economy and the sustained growth of the construction industry, China's building waterproof material industry has been rapidly developed, new materials, new processes continue to increase, production capacity increased significantly, the quality of some key enterprises have reached or reached the international quality The advanced level of similar products. 

China's current building waterproof material products are mainly two categories, namely: waterproofing membrane, waterproof coating, waterproofing membrane including polymer-modified bitumen membrane and synthetic polymer coil two main categories; waterproof coating according to the main component Different, can be divided into solvent-based paint and water-based paint two major categories.

 China's architectural waterproofing technology mainly reflects the theoretical innovation and technological innovation in two aspects.

 From the perspective of theoretical innovation, China's future building waterproofing project will be based on the green waterproof, the implementation of the overall fortification, all-round waterproof and "whole industry chain" waterproofing strategy, by updating the concept of waterproofing, establishing and perfecting waterproofing projects in line with their own characteristics fortification System and research methods to promote the sustainable development of building waterproofing technology and improve. 

From the perspective of technological innovation, waterproofing construction technology must be the design concept, the construction method of different waterproof materials, combined with the actual project and the external environment, the second deepening of design, to produce practical results. In waterproof construction practice, follow the construction process, construction conditions and finished product protection of the three basic elements of practice and innovation in order to ensure waterproof construction quality.

 With the continuous increase of human resource cost and the standardization of construction project time and node control, the professional construction team, standardized construction process and mechanized construction operation will be the inevitable trend of construction waterproof technology.

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