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China's construction waterproof vocational skills training and foreign gap

Oct 16, 2017

In 2014 and 2016, the Chinese building waterproof association has organized team two successive attended the so-called global roofing industry "world youth roofing work championship" of the Olympic Games (hereinafter referred to as "IFD contest");In recent years, the association has also organized a delegation to examine the education and training system of European vocational skills.In the past few years, the vocational skills training and competition in China's construction waterproof industry have been reaped, and some of the results have been found to be significant and even fundamental.Through international communication, I hope to find a professional education training path suitable for the development of our industry.


Through the competition with foreign competitors, and the foreign professional education and training system, there are mainly the following differences in the training of waterproof vocational skills in China.

Professional education and training system are different.


Almost all European countries, especially the german-speaking countries, have a sound system of professional technical competence in industries related to hands-on skills.For example, a roof worker must study for three years in a formal school with a national qualification of education to become a roofing technician.In very formal vocational training, on the basis of technical workers through the national association of domestic related selection, training, by one of the most outstanding workers for countries in the world youth championship.


And building material industry in our country has not set up a perfect vocational skills training system, training there is only a preliminary exploration, in the future, we should also establish a suitable for our country based on the current building waterproofing industry of vocational education and training system.

We lack the social identity of the skilled workers and the social status of the technical workers


Abroad, there is no occupation discrimination, professional view is more equal, "blue collar" and "white-collar" even "gold collar" is not professional high and low.At the same time, their career path has made a choice in the junior high school graduation, some students at high school, college, and the other part (more than half) in the choice of the vocational school, junior high school in the future become a blue-collar, become skilled workers or craftsmen.


While there is a big professional sex discrimination in our country, or is the inequality of professional view, think career is the high and low, some are not valued or discrimination profession rarely yes the first career choice.In addition, the treatment of front-line workers and the status of social status do not get enough recognition. Few people are willing to choose these professions and choose to leave when they have the opportunity.


We urgently need to cultivate the soil of craftsman spirit


Abroad, both in Europe and Japan are very advocate "spirit", some traditional carpenter, bricklayer, under the impact of the mechanization of big industrial arts and crafts such as craftsmen still maintained a strong vitality is a kind of very good reflected, in recent years this also with prime minister li keqiang, put forward the "spirit" of highly consistent.


At present, our society is impetuous, the overall environment lacks the meticulous and refined "craftsman spirit", the construction waterproof industry also.In order to adapt to the development of the new situation, the industry needs to cultivate the soil by establishing the "artisan spirit" of laws, regulations, guarantee system and training mechanism.


There are specific differences in vocational skills training


Is a systematic roofing construction: in roof construction in our country, the thermal insulation layer, waterproof layer, such as waterproofing general construction separately, and abroad is usually steam trap layer, thermal insulation layer, waterproof layer and protective layer, the water system such as the construction.


The second is professional: the foreign roof workers have passed the long time system theory and practice study, much more than the domestic workers.(the author is deputy secretary-general of China construction waterproof association)

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