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Details of roof structure and waterproof construction(一)

Oct 27, 2017

First, the water of the mouth, floor
A large area of waterproof layer before construction, first floor water, floor drain to seal treatment. In cups of water, it has buried a glass of water and is taking in common with thick-sealed sealing material, to avoid the place in torrential rain in the breakout phenomenon. Water leakage and drainage of the floor around the diameter of 500 mm, with a waterproof coating or a film-coated seal as an extra layer, the thickness of not less than 2 mm. In a glass of water and drainage of the floor with its layer joint, clean the leveling layer that should be reserved, 20 * 20mm concave , fill out the sealant. Water and mouth of the waterproof layer, should be placed the cup, with rain on the bottom of the disc is pressed, at the bottom of the tiles and the waterproof layer should be coated with sintered materials glued on the bottom of the seal with seal.

The second, gutters, ditch gutter
Like the gutter, water drainage, waterproof layer is often the subject of rain erosion or soaking, so in the gutter and drain angle should be sealed the width of sealing material, flat and elevation on either side, not less than 30mm. And then place a layer of membrane or 2 mm thick brush being modified as an extra layer.
In order to avoid the risk of zero offset, gutters, eaves and additional roof layers should be empty or sticky store, the width should be 200 mm.
Above the page to deal with, and then make the gutter, ditch usually waterproof. If a layer of waterproof membrane, in particular attention should be paid to the paving method of the gutter or gutter store must be from a ditch at the end of the first, along the trench or ditch the surface of the water, such as having a very wide ditch the longitudinal seams, the treatment back with sealing material fence.

Thirdly, the expansion joints
Seam subgrids (or seam) and settlement (or deformation of joints), hereinafter referred to as compensators. The general construction work-proofing products are setup in order to make a waterproof layer to effectively adapt to the impact of different foundations deformation to enhance the effect of waterproof.
The sub seam has a rigid sub of the waterproof layer, shaking the sub and seam of the protective layer subgrade. That the rigid layers of the waterproof layer sub and balancing of sub, according to the requirements of "patterns" are set up on the support roof, the angle of the waterproof roof and the protruding roof intersection. These parts are the most concentrated stress. If the structure is not in place, it will be one of the sources of the leak. Then, it should neglect, in strict compliance with the requirements of "specification" of embedded sealing material. Construction, you should also check whether the sub seam is flat, dense, simple, clean, not satisfying the requirements should be immediately repaired in order to ensure the quality of the caulking. The balancing layer should be treated before the construction of a large waterproof layer area and a rigid layer of waterproof and protective layer should be treated after construction of the waterproof layer.
The roof of settlement ponds, usually with additional walls, the walls and intersections of the roof should be ready for the first layer, and then the concrete seam through the web, the ruler width in the ruler must be 2-3 times the width if the seam is too long, it should be overlapped with a lap and knees to be stuck together with glue and then the supporting material is embedded in the seam and then the knees They are the top cover of the aperture with concrete or metal lid. If the high and low scale of settling cracks, it is not suitable to cover the concrete, but should be combined with a suitable metal or coil polymer lid. The upper and lower extremities of the use of seals with solid steel nails were laid down on the high extension walls and additional wall elevations, both ends of the lid and lid with seal of the sealing material. In this way, the rain does not enter the seam, the leak will not be produced. Moreover, because the seam is all the waterproof membrane, and its width is much larger than the width, enough to cope with any impact deformation from down to up, so even if the rain through the lid for the seam, it will never cause the leak.

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