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Double-sided self-adhesive waterproofing membrane construction methods

Feb 27, 2018

Method / step:


1.the surface cleaning:

Remove the surface debris at the grassroots level, oil, sand, convex surface of the stones, mortar pimples should be cleaned up, cleaning work must be carried out at any time during construction, and repair the formation of the surface. In particular, to eliminate the drain, chimney, pipe wall of cement mortar and other attachments;

Yin and Yang angle with a cement mortar wiping arc angle, the minimum radius of the female angle of 50mm, Yang minimum radius of 20mm. If there is clear water surface, can be cleaned to construction.


2.configure the cement slurry:

By cement: water = 2: 1 (weight ratio). First, according to the proportion of the original water into the mixing bucket, and then put the cement into the water, soak for 15 to 20 minutes and fully soaked, the bucket of excess water drained; then add the amount of cement 5% 8% polymer building plastic (water retaining agent), with electric mixer for mixing, stirring time more than 5 minutes.

3.playing base test shop:

According to the construction site conditions, a reasonable positioning, to determine the direction of coil paving, the coil at the grassroots level control line, follow the flow direction from low to high coil test shop.

4.tear open the bottom of the sheet of paper isolation:

After the coil test shop, the first to be paved the coil cut, anti-shop on the base surface (that is, the bottom of the isolation paper up), tear off the strip of paper isolation. When peeling, the peeled release paper should be kept with the bonding surface 45 ~ 60 degrees acute angle, to prevent breakage isolation paper, try to keep in a state of natural relaxation, but do not have wrinkles.

5. coil shop:

Rolling method: The membrane alignment baseline test shop, about 5m long with a paper knife to gently cut open the isolation paper, be careful not to scratch the coil, the unrolled coil release paper from the back slowly tear Open, at the same time will be unrolled rolled slowly along the baseline pushed forward shop. Torn edge of the separation of paper paving. After the paving is good, roll back the remaining 5 m long coil in the front test shop and paste it on the grass roots according to the above method.

Lifting method: the already cut sheet of anti-shop in the base surface (that is, the bottom of the isolation paper up), to be stripped of all the paper isolation sheet, and then scraping the cement paste slurry in the adhesive surface And the base surface to be shop location, and then from the two ends of the coiled were lifted, flipped and paved in the position to be paved. Coil between the coil and the adjacent parallel lap, to be long, short lap construction and then remove the upper and lower coil lap isolation film.

6.roller exhaust:

After the completion of the coil paving, with a soft rubber plate or roller from the middle of the lap to the other side of the direction of scratching and discharge air, so that the full volume of the membrane fully stick to the base surface. Lap lap the next piece of web material, will be located in the lower part of the web overlap the release paper lifted, the upper coil at the lap control line alignment and paste the lower coil, scraping the exhaust air, full Full sticky.

7.overlapping edge, closing the first seal:

Single-sided adhesive lap edge construction: short edge adjacent to the parallel between the lap, with HNP adhesive tape cover heating bonding (roof adhesive tape cover width 100 mm, basement adhesive tape cover Article width 160 mm). The long side of the heating adhesive lap, lap broadband is not less than 80mm. Large areas of 24 hours after the completion of the lap edge construction, cleaning and construction of clean lap edge of the mud and dirt, and then remove the upper and lower membrane lap isolation film (short side without tear isolation film), with a hot air gun While warming edge bonding.

8. finished product conservation and protection:

Drying 24 hours to 48 hours (depending on the specific time depending on the ambient temperature, under normal circumstances, the higher the temperature the shorter the time required). Under hot weather, waterproof layer should be to prevent exposure, shade cloth or other items can be covered.

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