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EPDM-TBD advantages compared with the traditional asphalt

Oct 13, 2017

EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil compared with the traditional asphalt self-adhesive coil advantages:


Human beings to survive, to longevity, air quality is the most critical. Now the living environment is good or bad, can be said to involve each industry, our waterproof industry is related to the lives of each of us. Why do you say that? Because our buildings and contacts (such as residential quarters, shopping, subway tunnels, airports, etc.) buildings are inseparable from the waterproof products. Therefore, the selection of waterproof material is particularly important. The following describes several aspects of EPDM-TBD reactive self-adhesive waterproofing membrane and the traditional asphalt waterproofing membrane difference.


1. the perspective of environmental protection:


(1) SBS waterproofing membrane: the main material for the asphalt, softening oil, from the raw material point of view their products contain benzene and hydrocarbons, in the production process of heating a large number of harmful gases, causing environmental pollution, but also To the human body respiratory and skin erosion.

(2) EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil: the main material for the ethylene-propylene rubber elastomer, the material itself non-toxic and tasteless, the company uses new technology does not produce any curing agent, accelerator and solvent, so in the production process is not heating Produce any toxic substances, the gas out of the air environment made no pollution, while the human respiratory tract and the skin can not make any erosion.

(3) to say that in the practical application of the membrane, as SBS asphalt membrane contains the material is the same, regardless of the location of the project in the use of materials, late material contains toxic substances will continue to volatilize, pollute the air , Damage the body, can not be eliminated. The EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil, the material does not contain solvents, molding construction will not have the problem of gas distribution, made no air pollution.


2.  the construction of the labor intensity of workers on the comparison:


(1) from the weight, SBS waterproof membrane 10m2 about 35kg or so, while the EPDM-TBD waterproof coil 20 m2 weighing about 30kg, the same area difference of 1 times the weight of the workers can reduce the labor force more than half.

(2) from the construction speed, because EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil is relatively soft, in the construction process is not easy to drum, do not need too much extrusion, and SBS self-adhesive coil hard, easy to occur during the construction process Drum phenomenon, not only need to squeeze, and more time-consuming, paving speed naturally no EPDM-TBD so fast.


3. Compare from special wooden or steel roofing works:


(1) in the wooden structure roof can not do SBS asphalt self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, because the coil in the solvent corrosion of wood, will cause the wood decay caused engineering risk, and EPDM does not contain any solvent, not wood Resulting in corrosion, remove the adhesive can be directly bonded.

(2) on the steel structure roof, SBS asphalt self-adhesive coil paste after a period of time will crack, fall off, and EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil -40 ℃ will not crack, long time use will not happen Fall off.


The above description, we can see that EPDM-TBD reactive self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is environmentally friendly ecological products; is high performance, good quality and good quality products; is simple construction, easy operation, fast and efficient products; A wide range of materials for building waterproofing applications. Environmental protection waterproof, please pay attention to EPDM-TBD reactive self-adhesive waterproofing membrane.


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