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Features of various parts of compound waterproof polypropylene

Nov 13, 2017

Composite waterproof polypropylene is a kind of waterproof rolling material. It is composed of protective layer, upper structure adhesive layer, rolling material main layer, lower structure adhesive layer and base composition.Here's a look at the functional features of the composite waterproof polypropylene:


1) protective layer: to prevent mechanical damage and uv irradiation, blocking water flow and other functions.


2) gluing layer: the function of the adhesion of the protective layer and the main layer of the coil, and the function of blocking leakage flow (made up of polymer waterproof cement mortar).


3) the main layer of the coil: the function of preventing water penetration and providing adhesion structure is provided, and it has the function of preventing thermal aging and ozone aging.


4) the bonding layer: the function of the adhesion of the main layer of the coil and the base, the transverse seepage of the leakage flow and the compensation for the primary defect (made up of the polymer adhesive).


5) base: bear the function of providing bearing matrix (mainly composed of building block or concrete structure).


The above 5 points are the introduction of the features of the composite waterproof polypropylene, and I hope to help you to understand the compound waterproof polypropylene.

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