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HDPE self-adhesive film Construction method

Dec 06, 2017

Construction method:

1) clear the surface of the grass-roots dust, debris, dry base pre-wetting water;

2) According to the site of the formation of flatness, to determine the thickness of the cement paste shop, the thickness is usually 3 ~ 5mm, in the membrane paving within the scope of wiping the water slurry (range should not be too large, while Siping shop);

3) Uncover the isolation film on the lower surface of the self-adhesive waterproofing membrane, and lay the self-adhesive waterproofing membrane on the freshly laid mortar;

4) after the first coil is applied, wipe the slurry again, lay the second coil, and so on;

5) taps with a trowel or rubber plate, the pressure on the surface of the coil, to mention pulp, the air discharged from the lower surface of the coil, the membrane and mortar in close fit;

6) According to the scene, you can choose to lap when paving the coil or lap when the grout has enough strength. Lap, will be located in the lower part of the lap joints transparent membrane lifted, the upper layer of flat clothes to be affixed to the lower coil, coil lap width of not less than 60mm;

7) Coil after the completion of the shop, the coil close the head, pipe and other parts sealed with airtight seal tight.


quality standards:

1) The materials used and the main supporting materials must meet the design requirements and specifications.

2) Membrane waterproofing layer and its deformation joints, pipe fittings and other details of the practice must meet the design requirements and norms.

3) waterproof layer is strictly prohibited leakage.

4) Strong grass-roots, no hollowing, loosening, sand and peeling phenomenon.

5) laying method and lap, closing the head meet the design requirements, specifications and waterproof structure map.

6) The correct direction of the membrane paving, lap width tolerance is ± 10mm

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