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High elastic waterproof material--EPDM

Oct 20, 2017

Product overview:


Polymer EPDM waterproofing materials is one of the world's recognized polymer waterproof material performance is the most excellent a high elastic waterproof material, is the most commonly used in the world a kind of waterproof material, is one of the important promotion of new chemical building materials of the ministry of construction."shendun" brand epdm waterproofing materials, the production of polymer elastic body rubber waterproofing materials in the world today continuous extrusion sulfide as one of the most advanced production equipment and technology, computer control, process stability.Select material strictly, advanced formula, organize production in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system, all production process is under control, to ensure that the product of high performance, high quality, waterproof coiled material density is better, no bubble, no lateral performance difference.Product performance meets or exceed gb18173.1-2000 standard, has reached the advanced level of similar products abroad.


Polymer EPDM waterproofing materials with a single layer construction, cold work, light weight, ageing resistance, long service life, high tensile strength, elongation, shrinkage and cracking at the base deformation and strong adaptability, wide use range (- 40 ℃ to 100 ℃) and other characteristics, waterproof performance is superior, the service life of 50 years, described as "the king of waterproof.


Scope of application:


All kinds of industrial, civil buildings, Bridges, tunnels, DAMS, reservoirs and other construction projects and various underground works waterproofing, insulation.

Storage, transportation, storage


Waterproof rolling materials and supporting adhesive should be stored in cool, ventilated and dry storage room and away from heat source.The adhesive contains organic solvents, which are flammable and should be used in the use, storage and transportation.The storage period of the supporting adhesive is one year, and it can be used in the later period.


Introduction of the construction:


1. The grass roots should be flat, dry and clean, and should not have the phenomenon of crisp, sand and peeling.

2. Clean up the grass roots and remove foreign objects before construction.

3. Spread the waterproof coil completely at the base level to relax the stress of the sheet.Use the base adhesive glue to apply to the base and sheet metal surface, when the adhesives are basically non-stick, smooth and paste, compaction.

4. When placing the second roll, it shall highlight 100mm on the edge of the first volume, not apply the adhesive glue on the base, and press 3 to put the sheet on the base to finish the whole laying work.When laying, never strain the waterproof rolling material.

5. After the completion of the shop is stuck at the grass-roots level, using special solvent scrubbing the overlapping parts, with sheet lap after fully dry glue apply seams on both sides, the glue after fully dry, besmear again the second time, after the glue dry and not glue the hand, with the pressing roller, compaction.

6. Pay attention to fire protection during construction, and good ventilation facilities should be provided for the construction site.

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