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How to select waterproof material for roofing

Nov 17, 2017

Buildings and structures of waterproof is rely on waterproof performance of the material to implementation, waterproof material quality fit and unfit quality directly related to the fixed number of year of the waterproof layer of durable, waterproof engineering quality depends largely on the waterproof material quality and performance of materials is the basis of waterproof engineering.In the construction of waterproof engineering, the waterproof material used must meet the national or industry material quality standard and meet the design requirements.But different waterproof method, the material also should have different waterproof function requirement.The common requirements of building waterproof materials are as follows:


(1) it has good weatherability, and should be able to absorb light, heat and ozone.

(2) it has anti-water permeation and acid-proof alkaline energy.

(3) it has certain adaptability to external temperature and external forces, that is, the tensile strength of the material must be subjected to the change of temperature difference and the variation caused by various external forces and the scale expansion and cracking.

(4) the integrity is good, which can not only maintain its own cohesion, but also be able to bond with the grass roots to a high degree of peeling strength to form a stable and non-porous whole.


For the waterproof engineering of different parts, the requirements of waterproof materials also have their own emphases. The specific requirements are as follows:


(1) the waterproof material used in roofing waterproofing works is especially important for its weatherability, temperature resistance and external force.Because of the roof waterproof layer, especially the exposed waterproof layer of the insulation room has long been affected by the bad natural environmental encroachment and the deformation of the base structure, such as wind blowing, rain, sun, snow and ice.

(2) the waterproof material used in the underground waterproof works must have high quality anti-permeability and elongation, and have good overall impermeability.These requirements are based on the continuous erosion of groundwater, the relatively large water and the possible deformation of underground structures.

(3) between indoor lavatory bath waterproof engineering chooses waterproof materials should be appropriate to the primary shape change and help the laying of pipeline equipment, with excellent water permeability, no juncture of the whole body of the coating is most ideal.This is for the characteristics of small size, more holes in pepe holes, more and more of the yin-yang Angle, the multi-factor of the health equipment and the complex structure of floor, floor and wall connection.

(4) building outer wall plate joint waterproof engineering waterproof materials should be chosen with good weatherability, Gao Yanshen rate and caking, sag resistance and other properties of the material, a kind choose waterproof sealing material and supplemented by heat preservation and heat insulation gasket material to form a complete set of processing is advisable.This is to take into account that the block has a special form of insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof and comprehensive functions and a special form of gap structure connection.The waterproof material chosen for the waterproof project of special structure shall be selected according to the characteristics of different works and different requirements of the use function.

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