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How to waterproof construction

Oct 18, 2017

The basic requirement of waterproof construction and the (a) the construction quality requirements in order to implement the construction waterproof design intent, to ensure the quality of waterproof engineering, must implement the standard work, do it right construction, elaborate construction.Waterproof construction is the key to ensure the quality of waterproofing engineering. Therefore, its important basic requirement is to strive for good construction quality.


Waterproof construction quality construction conditions have involved, the preparatory work is mature, the management system of the sound, timely and relevant levels of quality inspection, the level of construction technology, operators of the technology and responsible attitude and the improvement of the finished product protection, etc.Only by carefully doing all the parts and aspects of the construction process, we can ensure the good quality of the construction.


(2) the construction conditions require that the construction conditions be the necessary guarantee for the construction quality, the implementation of waterproof design, the construction schedule and the construction quality depend on the adequacy and completeness of the conditions.

1) construction preparation condition (1) technical preparation (1) refers to the arrangement of the construction technical management personnel to do comprehensive technical work before starting work.Include:

2) establish close technical cooperation and communication between construction and design.

3) understand the design drawings.Design, construction review drawings, research and solve the possible technical problems in construction.

4) improve the quality assurance system and determine inspection items.

5) construction personnel organization and technical training.


2. Weather conditions for construction: the weather of the construction period refers to the weather conditions such as rain, snow, frost, dew, fog and air humidity.


Rain or snow, rain or snow during the construction of the waterproof layer, the construction of waterproof layer should not be carried out, so as to prevent rain and snow from damaging the waterproof layer and the waterproof effect.If rain or snow is encountered during the construction of the waterproof layer, the protection work must be done immediately. If the waterproof layer is a rolling material, the enclosed material shall be sealed with sealed material to prevent rainwater immersion.Waterproof coating or waterproof concrete construction should take temporary cover, avoid film drying before and before hardening of concrete before the rain.


Frost and fog or atmospheric humidity, can make the grass-roots increases the moisture content, low water content of requirements at the grass-roots level of waterproof material, such as the coiled material and coating can't construction, must be the frost and the snow away, after dry construction at the grassroots level can cause bad bonding or otherwise the phenomenon such as the drum, powder hydrophobic material is not subject to this restriction.


Temperature: due to the performance of different waterproof materials, technology, the requirement of the temperature is slightly different, but a appropriate in 5 ~ 35 ℃ temperature under the condition of construction, the project quality guarantee, the operator construction is convenient, in the condition of limited, heating coil and solvent-based coating can be in - the temperature above 10 ℃ under the condition of construction, good low temperature resistance, because the material is not easy to be frozen bad under negative temperature.The cold viscous polymer modified asphalt coil, synthetic polymer coil should not be under negative temperature construction;Construction of asphalt coil is unfavorable under 0 ℃;Asphalt base coating, polymer type emulsified asphalt coating and the rigid waterproof layer should not be below 5 ℃ construction, such as some materials at low temperature is not easy to open book, or difficult to besmear to brush, or have been destroyed by the easy cold in hardening process.But when the temperature above 35 ℃, should not be all waterproof material construction, the hot weather, optional construction during the night, but should pay attention to, if early dew is large, no construction.


High winds: weather proofing for the above - level wind is not allowed.Because of the high winds, dust and sand can be easily scraped and adhered to the grass roots, affecting the adhesion between the waterproof layer and the base.The materials such as paint and binder will also be dispersed by the wind and affect the uniformity of the brush.The coil is easy to be raised by the wind and crack, affecting the quality of construction;The powdery and water-repellent materials are more likely to be blown away by wind.In addition, it is not safe to transport and operate.


In order to ensure the quality of the construction, we should clean the grass roots after the high wind, and remove the dust and sand from the grass roots to ensure the construction quality of the waterproof layer.

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