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Non-pitch-based TPO, HDPE, PE self-adhesive waterproofing membrane equipment

Jan 03, 2018

1. Product Description:

Polymer macromolecules such as TPO, HDPE and other polymer resins for the substrate, or polypropylene, polyester non-woven fabric as a base, through a special production process, the polymer plastic layer and the middle of non-environmentally friendly non-bitumen self-adhesive combination To form a new type of polymer membrane. This device has electronic CNC, high degree of automation, easy operation and other comprehensive advantages. This equipment produces high density products, the surface is smooth, non-wrinkle, stable performance, reliable quality.

2. Non-bitumen-based polymer TPO self-adhesive film equipment production Profile

Non-bitumen-based polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane to a special polymer film TPO, or HDPE, such as high-density polyethylene film-based waterproof layer, the main waterproof layer set green self-adhesive layer. Its environmental self-adhesive layer and anti-environmental changes protective layer has a self-healing function, and liquid concrete slurry solidified after the reaction, the formation of waterproof layer and concrete structure without gap combination, to eliminate the risk of channeling water between layers, can effectively improve the waterproofing system reliability.

Polymers with environmentally friendly self-adhesive layer waterproofing membrane and application technology is to promote the use of the 11th Five-Year Plan and the prohibition of the use of technology directory "vigorously promote the materials and technologies, is widely used in underground engineering.

3. Features

New wet bonding technology: cement paste and coil bonding layer when pouring concrete Special polymer wet curing reaction bonding, the membrane and the structural layer of permanent bonding as a whole, the middle of no water channeling hidden dangers; even if Local damage to the coil, the water will be limited to a very small range, completely improve the reliability of the waterproof layer;

HDPE, TPO polymer self-adhesive film and the grass-roots shop, no bond, the settlement will not affect the deformation of the grass-roots waterproofing;

Polymer HDPE, TPO self-adhesive film self-healing, for minor construction damage, has a unique ability to self-healing;

Strong chemical resistance, good resistance to alkaline water from concrete, from garbage and biological damage, mold, corrosion-resistant;

Wet construction, without leveling, low requirements of the grassroots, not affected by the weather and grass-roots dampness, rainy season construction and construction projects have their own unique clear advantages;

Minimal surface treatment: no need for base oil or hot air drying damp base, no volatile substances; without the time-consuming and financially expensive cement mortar protective layer;

Cold construction, no heating hazards, no binder, safety and environmental protection

Website: www.cnshendun.com

4. Product Specifications

Web width (m) 1.0-2.0

Coil thickness (mm) 1.2-2.0

Coil length (m) 20

The scope of application

Suitable for all kinds of underground caverns, tunnels, subways, municipal construction and other impermeable waterproof projects.

Construction Methods and Procedures

Using pre-anti-sticking construction method, the plane, the vertical plane, the tunnel vault and other parts of the construction process is as follows:

(1) Plane: Clean-up grassroots → grassroots shells → laying pre-rebound anti-sticking membrane → lap joint → node treatment → uncovering membrane → lashing rebar → pouring concrete;

(2) Vertical surface: Installation of facades support (shims) → elastic wire → Laying of pre-reverse anti-sticking membrane → Mechanical fixing of waterproofing membrane (welding or nailing) → Lap-joining → Node processing → Uncovering Isolation membrane → small nail head brushing special glue seal → banding steel → pouring concrete;

(3) tunnel vault: tunnel arch → sling → installation support (gasket or nails) → laying pre-reverse anti-sticking membrane → waterproof membrane mechanical fixing (welding or hanging bale) → lap joint → node processing → Open waterproof membrane insulation → lashing steel → pouring concrete. The company is located in:

This non-asphalt polymer self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane equipment project is the company through many years of equipment and product experience, combined with advanced foreign technology, the successful development of the domestic first, multi-functional polymer waterproofing membrane assembly line, the factory Strict production inspection, the assembly line is easy to operate, high degree of automation, the production of various products regardless of capacity, appearance, product physical properties and other indicators have reached international standards.

Other Services of the Project: The Company provides free purchasing channels for raw materials, technical guidance for the improvement of products and development of cutting-edge products for customers who purchase equipment.

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