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Polymer self-adhesive film (non-asphaltic) waterproof material

Nov 17, 2017


The polymer self-adhesive film (non-asphaltic) waterproof rolling material is a kind of waterproof rolling material which is specially developed for underground and tunnel engineering.The material is the main waterproof material of the resin polymer sheet, the polymer self-adhesive waterproof rolling material covered in the polymer waterproof substrate.Coil adhesive layer and protective layer resistance to environmental changes have self-healing function, after reaction with liquid concrete slurry consolidation, no clearance of the waterproof layer and concrete structure combining with, put an end to cross water, can effectively provide waterproof system reliability.

Product features:


1. Unique formulation, non-asphalt-base reactive pre-laid polymer self-adhesive film waterproof rolling materials are made of non-asphaltic self-adhesive materials and polymer sheet composites.

2. The polymer self-adhesive film (non-asphaltic) waterproof coil has a unique adhesion property, and the peel strength is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary self-adhesive coil.

3. High tensile strength, anti-seepage resistance and strong hydrolysis resistance.

4. Good low temperature flexibility, in - 30 ℃ low temperature conditions can keep good flexibility.

5. Suitable for underground and tunnel construction of pre-paved anti-viscous waterproof works, which have no protective layer direct binding reinforcement reinforcement reinforcement for concrete resisting impact performance after the construction of waterproof layer is completed.

6. The waterproof performance is reliable, the coil has the advantages of high polymer waterproof rolling and self-adhesive rolling materials.

7. Base surface requirement is low, save the construction period, do not need to make cement mortar for the base to be leveling, wet base surface can be constructed;It is not affected by the weather. It can save time and reduce project cost.

8. The construction is simple and quick, flexible and varied, and can be used to produce broad rolling materials according to the actual needs, and realize the small amount of lap, fast construction, small consumption and low cost;According to the conditions of the construction site, the construction work method can be used for the construction of air and mechanical fixation, and the construction is more flexible and the waterproof effect is better.

9. Green, environmental protection, safety, no solvents and fuel in the construction process, avoiding fire hazards of environmental pollution, and saving energy.

10. Waterproof rolling materials and base - base empty shop, are not affected by the settlement deformation of the base.

Scope of application:


1. Transportation engineering: water - proof, anti-seepage engineering, such as subway, tunnel, cave, bridge, etc

2. Construction project: roof, basement and other waterproof works

3. Water conservancy projects: dam, cofferdam, aqueduct, artificial lake, etc

4. Environmental protection works: landfill, sewage treatment plant, metallurgy, chemical works, etc.


Non-asphalt-base reactive pre-laid polymer self-adhesive film waterproof rolling materials: GB T23457-2009 pre-shop/wet waterproof rolling materials.

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