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PVC waterproof membrane welding technology

Nov 09, 2017

PVC waterproof membrane welding technology big reveal, the following is made up for you to introduce:


Hot welding two pieces of PVC coil first lap 50-80 - mm, through welding mouth blow hot air heating, use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) thermoplastic, is to achieve the state of coiled material edges and then use roller pressure, with two pieces of coil.


PVC waterproofing materials between the longitudinal lap width is 50 mm, lateral width is lOOmm, using welding process, welding nozzle and the direction of welding 45 ° Angle, pressure roller and the welding nozzle parallel and keep for about 5 mm distance, rolling shoulds not be too fast.


The welding nozzle with a width of 20mm is used for welding, generally two, welding temperature is controlled in the sixth, and the effective width of each bead is 15mm ~ 20mm.Welding with the welding nozzle width 40mm is suitable for welding. The welding temperature is controlled in the seventh file and the effective width of welding is 25mm.


Welding requirements: should be pre-weld before welding, the width should not be too wide, so that the hot wind will not overflow when the welding and the welding quality will be affected.The weld edge shall have molten slurry overflow, but no charred phenomenon.With regard to the effective weld width, the distance from the stripping of the coil to the edge of the molten slurry is to ensure that the effective welding width is one of the main indexes to check the quality of welding.

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