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Qingdao City Building waterproof insulation Association to enhance the quality of the General Assembly held in the city

Oct 13, 2017

"As an industry association, we have the responsibility and obligation to take on the task, fulfill the mission, live up to expectations, in accordance with the" construction waterproof industry thirteen five development plan "work ideas, take the road of joint development, together to promote quality improvement action. On the 24th, held in Qingdao City to enhance the quality of waterproof insulation General Assembly, Qingdao City Building Waterproofing Association honorary president Qu Lie compliance is said.

        Qu Lie said in his speech, in the beautiful coastal city, we are pleased to usher in from all over the country representatives, experts, leaders, guests, we gathered together to discuss the quality of waterproof insulation industry to enhance the plan, which is undoubtedly a waterproof Insulation industry event.

        He hoped that through the General Assembly, mutual exchange, speak freely, offer advice and suggestions, for a common goal, to promote the building waterproof insulation quality of the overall upgrade, clean building waterproof insulation market, the implementation of the production of fake and shoddy products, do not use fake and shoddy Products, do not sell fake and shoddy products integrity activities to ensure that the industry system engineering quality, price, competitive, so that Qingdao building waterproof insulation industry to achieve standardized design, material standardization, construction specialization, scientific management standards for the benefit of the people , Let the government be assured that the people live, this is our common obligations and responsibilities, but also our common opportunities and challenges.

At the meeting, Qingdao City Building Waterproof and Heat Preservation Association President Zhu Weiguang to "do not forget the beginning of the heart to create great cause" as the title, from eight aspects of Qingdao City Building Waterproof insulation Association set up a year to sum up the work. In the report, he pointed out that the Qingdao City Building Waterproof and Heat Preservation Association from the beginning of the quality of the work will be the first upgrade, for which the Association was first established with honorary president Qu Lie compliance in the leading group, to promote the work carried out The

Second, the gradual establishment and quality of water conservancy project and the combination of the insurance market mechanism, a clear quality assurance responsibility in the industry gradually implement new technology, new materials, new technologies, strengthen the supervision and management of project quality, combat undocumented enterprise production counterfeiting Fake and shoddy products, vigorously carry out propaganda work, is strictly prohibited the use of fake and shoddy products. In addition, the first anniversary of the establishment of the Association, the organization of the industry quality selection activities, organized in the past year, active, quality assurance, integrity of the enterprises in the selection of recognition.

On this basis, on February 25 this year, the Association of the second session of the Council has expanded more than 70 members of the 50 units signed the "integrity of the integrity of the Union letter", expressed everyone's common aspiration.

       At the meeting, held in Qingdao City Building waterproof insulation Association to enhance the quality of the launching ceremony, Qu Lie compliance, Zhu Weiguang with the leadership of the touch start the ball, officially launched the Qingdao City Building waterproof insulation Association to enhance the quality of work.

         "Quality promotion action is always on the road", Qingdao City Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and Research Institute, deputy director of the Palace Xiangxiu pointed out that the General Administration of Quality Supervision has carried out five years of quality improvement activities, Qingdao City, waterproof insulation industry have established their own standards , The emergence of a number of outstanding enterprises, and achieved certain results. But in innovation and technical strength is slightly inadequate. Therefore, the quality of Qingdao City to enhance the activities of the road forever.

        Enjoy the special allowance of the State Council industry veteran Ye Lin standard, at the meeting to provide a set of data is thought-provoking. He pointed out that in the Beijing Construction Engineering Quality Forensic Center set up 13 years to undertake nearly 4,000 projects quality appraisal case, nearly 1,000 projects are leakage problems. Building waterproofing industry to enhance the quality of building leakage is very important to solve the problem. To abandon the low bid and blindly grab the chaos, waterproof enterprises to sell materials from the sale system to change.

At the meeting, the Chinese construction industry association building waterproof branch of the Secretary-General Qu Hui comprehensive interpretation of the Ministry of Housing and Construction [2017] No. 57 related content. The "project quality and safety promotion action plan" requires about 3 years to further improve the project quality and safety management system, and strictly implement the construction of the parties involved in building the main responsibility to strengthen the project quality management, crack down on false reports and other acts, establish a sound Credit evaluation and disciplinary mechanism to promote the development of project quality insurance system. She also further revealed the housing construction in recent years the direction and path of reform.

China Building and Waterproof Association Deputy Secretary-General Chen Yue pointed out at the meeting, in recent years, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction, Ministry of Industry and other relevant departments under the leadership of the majority of waterproof enterprises with the support of the waterproof industry in terms of quality improvement The rapid development. AQSIQ has been for five consecutive years in the building waterproofing industry to carry out quality improvement work. At present, the waterproofing association is actively cooperating with the General Administration to prepare the quality improvement program of the waterproofing industry in 2017. It is expected that the General Administration of the People's Republic of China will issue a series of technical supervision, The quality of the work to enhance.

        She further pointed out that the waterproofing industry to enhance the quality of the work is extended to the whole industry chain. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Standard Division issued the main points of work in 2017, put forward the "improvement of building waterproofing project quality and service life and other standards, made a breakthrough." At present, the China Water Defense Association is actively working with the standard fixed department , Which is one of the five areas of housing standardization work. The "plan" is based on the standard specification as the starting point, and greatly enhance the reliability and service life of the waterproof system, and clear the waterproofing of the waterproofing system. The main responsibility of the project. The quality improvement work of the waterproofing industry is extending to the whole industry chain.

       Subsequently, Chairman of Hubei Province Building Waterproof Association Guichun Fang, Ningbo City Building Waterproof Association President Xu North, Shouguang City Waterproof Industry Association Zheng Jiayu, Hebei Province Building Water Association President Yang Yimei has come to power, the success of the meeting held Expressed warm congratulations.

       In the key speech session, as a member of the business representative of Shandong Xinda Lu Xin, general manager Ji Jingjing made a typical speech. She said, as a waterproof material manufacturer, is the source of building waterproofing business, carrying more social mission, how to improve the quality of products on the business in the top priority. She pointed out that since the establishment of the company, Lu Xin actively involved in the development of national standards for waterproofing industry, has participated in the "polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproofing membrane", "self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane", "green Roof waterproof material - resistant to puncture waterproofing membrane "," pre-shop / wet shop waterproofing membrane "and other national standards for the development of product quality to provide an important scale.

      Next, Qingdao Building Waterproof and Heat Preservation Association and Ningbo City Building Waterproof Association, Hebei Province Building Waterproof Association, Hubei Province Building Waterproof Association, Nanjing Building Waterproofing Industry Association signed a friendly agreement and held an opening ceremony. At the same time, Qingdao Building Waterproof and Heat Preservation Association and the city of North District Jintang Hongyun housing maintenance services, Qingdao City Building waterproof insulation training base, the legal adviser to start the opening ceremony.

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