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Requirements for Geomembrane

Jul 25, 2017

Base cleaning

The base surface must be cleaned up according to the design requirements, this is to ensure the effectiveness of the key, especially to the sharp stone, root, such as debris to completely clean up, the base surface does not allow the local bump phenomenon, clean up the base surface to use rammer or ramming plate compaction, so that the dense formation.

Composite laying

When paving the film, it must be laid up up and down. Film and film between the film and the substrate to press flat, but it is not appropriate to pull the membrane too tight, generally a little loose, but can not be left in the bottom of the film bubble. Because the geomembrane is relatively thin and very light, paved, after not laying a good protective layer before, very easy to be blown by the wind, so a film area should not be large, preferably side covered with membrane side cover soil material.

According to the manufacturer's information, the composite geomembrane width of 1. $number. 9m, the project selected 1.9m width, to reduce the connector materials. The joint has hot adhesion, adhesive, lap and other methods, the design of the use of adhesive, seam width 50mm.

If you find the puncture or tear of the geomembrane, be sure to use three times times the damaged area of the geo-film adhesive paste.

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