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Roofing waterproof material selection

Nov 20, 2017

The choice of waterproof material of roofing, not to say the material the better function is the better, should choose appropriate material according to the building, can obtain the best waterproof effect.Next, take a look at the selection of the roof waterproof material.

Roof due to the influence of various comprehensive factors, such as mechanics, physics, chemistry and so on, mainly because the roof under exposed for a long time, directly affected by atmosphere, freezing and thawing alternation, heat bilges cold shrink, the influence of drought-wet change and so on, as well as some sunlight, ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and weathered rain and snow wash and weathering effect, as well as some institutional structural impact, temperature effect and tensile force during the construction of waterproof coiled material or coating, the carcass is waterproof layer under high stress condition, which can lead to roof damage in advance.Therefore, it is necessary to choose the materials with good aging resistance and high heat resistance.Then, the choice of waterproof material on the roof should choose the material of polyester tire modified asphalt, EPDM waterproof membrane.


The roof waterproof material has the following characteristics:


1. roof waterproof material for viscous liquid before curing, therefore, the construction can not only in the horizontal plane, still can inside, Yin and Yang Angle as well as a variety of complex surface, the formation of jointless complete waterproof membrane.


2. The waterproof materials of the roof need not be heated when used, which can reduce environmental pollution and facilitate operation and improve working conditions.


3. The waterproof material formed by roof waterproof material is small, especially suitable for waterproofing of light roof.


4. The waterproof membrane formed by roof waterproof material has great extensibility, water resistance and weatherability, and can adapt to the small change of the crack in the base.


5. The waterproof material of the coating is both the main material of the waterproof layer and the adhesive, so the bonding quality is easy to guarantee and easy to repair.Especially for the basic cracks, construction seams, rain water and the surrounding area, such as the easy to cause leakage, it can be very convenient to enhance the application of the brush, paste and other operations.


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