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Roofing waterproof processing

Dec 01, 2017

1. Do a good job of cleaning the roof, then rinse with water, and then naturally dry.

2. In accordance with the design of the drawings, drain arrangements, drainage and other functions. General gutter, longitudinal gutter slope should not be less than 1%, the difference between the groove bottom shall not exceed 200mm.

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 3.Using cement mortar leveling layer, the thickness of 20mm, cement no less than 42.5. There should be sub-seam on the    surface, and embedded sealing materials to prevent structural deformation or temperature deformation and other issues.


4. When the membrane paving, pay attention to the direction, with the interface at the knot, if not by construction technology, easy to leak problems in the future. When paving a multi-span and high-low-span roof, should be first high and low.


5.After the laying of the coil, in order to protect it, generally increase the heat transfer, shop 300mm × 300mm expanded perlite insulation block, and then add a layer of 3cm thick cement mortar protective layer above the cloth steel mesh. This double protection will increase safety.


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