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Synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane

Jan 03, 2018

Synthetic polymer waterproofing membrane can be constructed under the conditions of low temperature 1 on the surface of 

a clean, dry grassroots brushing synthetic polymer membrane and the primary treatment agent compatibility (treatment 

agent mix of polyurethane waterproof coating material : B: xylene = 1: 1.5: 3). After the primary treatment agent is completely cured and dried over 4h, the coiled material can be coated. The primary coating can also be sprayed with a pressure-sprayed neoprene latex on a spray machine and dried for more than 12 hours before being applied with an 

additional waterproof layer 2, Brushing adhesive, paving the membrane according to the provisions of the membrane waterproof roof in the implementation; if the membrane waterproof layer covered with heavy objects or grass-roots 

deformation is large, the membrane waterproof layer of sticky glue can refer to the polymer modified Bitumen membrane

waterproofing 3 batching seams to deal with the requirements of the roof waterproofing membrane according to the relevant provisions of the implementation of 4 protective layer construction, protective layer construction methods and 

polymer modified bitumen membrane waterproof layer protective layer practices the same.

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