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Technology of Waterproof film

Jul 25, 2017

Anti-fouling membrane materials mainly fluoride, there are two kinds of processing methods, one is immersion method, one is the vacuum coating, and the most common method is vacuum plating. The most common method is vacuum coating. When the Antireflection film layer is finished, the fluoride can be coated on the reflective film using evaporation process. Anti-fouling film can be porous antireflection film cover, and can reduce the contact area between water and oil and lenses, so that oil and droplets are not easy to adhere to the lens surface, it is also known as waterproof membrane.

For organic lenses, the ideal surface system treatment should include a composite film of anti-wear film, multilayer antireflection film and top membrane fouling film. The coating is usually the thickest, about 3-5mm, and the thickness of the multilayer antireflection film is about 0.3um, the top layer of stain-resistant wax plating is about 0.005-0.01mm. To France according to the company's drilling Crystal (Crizal), composite membrane For example, the lens of the film on the substrate first plated with silicone wear-resistant film, and then using IPC technology, using ion bombardment before the deposition of reflective film pre-cleaning; After cleaning, the high hardness of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and other materials are used for the vacuum plating of multilayer antireflection film; Finally, a waterproof film with 110 contact angle is plated (such as the WR2 waterproof film of Shenzhen Gold Field Company). The successful development of the composite film technology shows that the surface treatment technology of the organic lenses has reached a new height.

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