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The advantages of EPDM-TBD waterproofing membrane

Sep 19, 2017

EPDM-TBD  is a new kind of Environmentally friendly waterproofing membrane,now used for roofing projects,exposed 

roofing,building foundations, basements,storage tanks,subways,tunnels,supermarkets, airports and other buildings waterproof.Compared with other waterproof membranes, the EPDM-TBD have more advantages are as follows:

1.  Super strong cohesive force, the film self-adhesive layer directly generated by polymerization, can not be stripped, sealed waterproof not channeling water.


2. Domestic and foreign polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane: the first surface of the material directly from the formation of self-adhesive layer bonding technology, can be combined with the concrete bonded together to achieve a permanent waterproof effect.

3.  super resistance to climate aging, ozone resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, to meet the requirements of a variety of environmental conditions.


4. high strength, high elongation, strong resistance to piercing, high bending, excellent flexibility, to adapt to the deformation of various building structures.

5.  wet construction, lap can be welded, change the traditional EPDM can not weld the drawbacks.

6. excellent high resistance, low temperature, up to -40 ℃ does not crack, asphalt and other coil can not be achieved.


7. excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, long-term resistance to a variety of natural environment, erosion of chemicals.

8. material carrier light, non-toxic, tasteless, green, resistance to the root system, can make the living ecological.

9. cold construction, no need to use fire operations, construction is simple, safe and environmentally friendly, convenient and quick.


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