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The Age of Geomembrane

Jul 25, 2017

In view of the field observation results of composite geomembrane, the synthetic materials have certain anti-aging ability in engineering application. Some documents in some countries have made a more generous provision for their service life, such as the former Soviet Union bch07-74 "Earth-Rock Dam application polyethylene impervious structure," the provisions of the polyethylene Geomembrane can be used for a period of not more than 50 years of buildings. "Long-term composition of polypropylene composite geo-Membranes" published by Linz, Austria, concludes: "More than 15 years experience in field application of PP shows that their chemical and biological stability is high, the maximum damage of fabric is in construction, and there is no big change after laying. Can be expected to exceed 100 years of stability.

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