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The process flow of PVC waterproof rolling material

Nov 08, 2017

PVC waterproof rolling material is a kind of thermoplastic PVC rolling material, so the construction process of PVC waterproof rolling materials is understood?Today, we will introduce the process of PVC waterproof rolling materials:


PVC waterproof coiled material is polyester fabric as reinforcement, through special technology of extrusion coating method, make double PVC plastic layer and in the middle of the polyester stiffeners combination become one formed by polymer coil.The combination of the advanced polyvinyl chloride layer and the network structure of polyester fiber fabric has excellent dimensional stability and low thermal expansion coefficient.


The construction method is hot wind welding.The process flow profile is as follows:


Base cleaning -- - > shop polyethylene film -- - laid insulation board -- - before paving PVC waterproofing materials - - fastener fixed PVC waterproofing materials - - hot air welding reinforced PVC waterproofing materials -- - > node processing -- - inspection, repair -- - > organization acceptance.


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