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Waterproofing industry problem

Nov 16, 2017

First: waterproof cost is low


Although the building waterproof cost country has the quota, but the quota is very mixed, for example the roof waterproof is 50 yuan/m2, so this is a few level building waterproof quota?The grade one building waterproof requires three defenses, the second-class building waterproof requires two defenses, the third-class building waterproof is a fortification, is it all 50 yuan/m2?Building owner does not comply with the national norm, the lower the cost to take the good, the cheaper the better waterproof material, for waterproof durable life of don't care, even doesn't do the basement waterproofing.


Because waterproof cost is too low, cause a series of bad effects.


1. The landlord is cheap and cheap, and the manufacturers have to produce cheap, fake and inferior materials. The waterproof market now accounts for more than 70 %.The factory that produces the shoddy material, the life is better.

2. According to the standard material of the national standard, the price is expensive, and the more the production is, the more the backlog is.In order to survive, it has to be ruthless to produce inferior materials, resulting in the phenomenon of "forced love".

3. In order to get the certificate, the manufacturer of fake and inferior products has to pay bribes to the quality inspection department, which has failed to qualify and qualified unqualified.

4. Individual proprietors, taking the red envelopes produced by the production of counterfeit products, make the fake products go to the construction site.

5. Due to the use of fake products, the leakage rate of waterproofing engineering is high and rising every year.


Second: credit cushion is the plague of waterproof industry


It is the rule of heaven to pay for goods in one hand, but in the past ten years credit has been very popular.Production material manufacturer cash buy material, sell the material on credit, some manufacturers credit the two or 30 million to beg not to come back, a part of the credit account will not return forever, the manufacturer becomes "charity orgnaization".In vain, the owner takes the money from the manufacturer to make a fortune.How big of a vault do you have?


Third: Weak waterproof design link:


Because of the variety of waterproof materials, different performances, different waterproof parts and different climate differences, waterproof design must be carried out.In addition, from the seepage rate, the leakage from unreasonable design causes a large proportion.Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the design strength and improve the design level.


At present, the architect's energy is very difficult to waterproof.However, waterproof design is complicated and complicated. It is difficult to master the physical properties and usage methods of hundreds of waterproof materials, which can not be made in three or five months.Therefore, most of the engineering waterproof design is unreasonable, and the waterproof company redesign.According to this reality, the waterproof design should be separated from the architectural design institute, and the design by the waterproof company is the best reform.

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