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Advantages of self-adhesive waterproof material

Oct 17, 2017

Advantages of self-adhesive waterproof rolling material


It has superior adhesion.Adhesive waterproof coiled material has excellent bonding strength at the base, even if there is some of the smaller piercing damage, can also be a natural healing up, since the glue film waterproofing materials, if meets the hard objects into, also automatically and the object of the dive, polymer adhesive film waterproofing materials, many experts call this self-healing capacity coil of psychic powers.In addition, it also has good waterproof function.Can be applied to industrial and construction of roofing waterproof, basement, reservoir, DAMS, tunnels, railway tunnels, shelter, grain depot, the stink, wastewater treatment and other building waterproof project.


The advantages of self-adhesive waterproof rolling materials in the same industry are as follows:


1. Self-adhesive waterproof rolling materials have achieved zero flue gas emissions because of the use of adhesive and hot asphalt.It also helps reduce construction noise by not using large equipment.

2. Another advantage of self-adhesive waterproof rolling material is that it can be used in places where other construction methods cannot be implemented.

3. Self-adhesive waterproof rolling materials, especially self-adhesive tapes at the base level, and sand self-adhesive film waterproof rolling materials, can help alleviate the owner's worries about hot welding coil.

4. The advantages of adhesive waterproof coiled material besides construction without smell, this kind of coil provides flexibility for designers in progress and the construction aspect, provide a solution to many challenges in the design of roof

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