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Advantages Of TPO Waterproof Membrane From Shendun

Nov 09, 2017

What are the advantages of TPO waterproof rolling material?The following are some things about the waterproof rolling materials of TPO:

The properties of EPDM and PVC are integrated with TPO waterproofing coil, which has the resistance of the former, the low degree of softness and the weldability of the latter.Unlike traditional plastics, this material shows high elasticity at room temperature and can be shaped like plastic at high temperatures.

TPO waterproof rolling material has good machining performance and mechanical properties, and has high strength welding property.After adding a layer of polyester fabric between two layers of TPO materials, it can enhance its physical properties, improve its fracture strength, fatigue resistance and puncture resistance. 

In practice, TPO waterproofing has anti-aging, high tensile strength, elongation, damp roof construction, the leakage without comprehensive characteristics such as protective layer, construction is convenient, no pollution, is very suitable for as a light energy-saving roofing waterproof layer.

TPO waterproof rolling products are divided according to the purpose

1. Enhanced TPO waterproof rolling material (H) : the thermoplastic polyolefin waterproof rolling material reinforced by polyester fabric in the center of the coil.

2. Backliner TPO waterproof rolling material (L) : the thermoplastic polyolefins waterproof rolling material with polyester non-woven fabric under the surface of the coil.

3. Homogeneous TPO waterproof rolling material (P) : no internal reinforcing material or backlined composite thermal plastic polyolefins waterproof rolling material.

In summary, TPO waterproof rolling materials have some important advantages in use, production process and usage, and welcome the users to consult!

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