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Application Method Of Nanometer Silicon Waterproof Agent

Jul 25, 2017

Nano-silicon waterproof agent leakage repair construction of the original bottom is the smooth need to chisel into pock, clean floating, brushing the cement slurry to increase the old and new layers of adhesion, and then the nano-silicon waterproof mortar layer. It is necessary to use nano silicon for an instant plugging agent to stop water leakage. Stubble to form a slope (Shang width 100~150mm), Shang first with cement slurry brushing, and then plastering nano-silicon waterproof mortar layer. Nano-silicon Waterproof concrete construction, nano-silicon waterproof agent add water 45 times times (volume ratio) directly to make concrete, the practice of net waterproof agent dosage accounted for 1% of cement. The same as general concrete construction methods, after construction according to normal maintenance, spraying cement maintenance agent effect better, nano-silicon waterproof mortar construction.

Clean up the bottom sediment, sundries, oil, etc., ash sand ratio control in 1:2.5 ~ 3. The waterproof layer is divided into two layers of construction layer first plastering mortar 1 and then wipe the waterproof mortar layer, the initial coagulation compaction, with wooden trowel pock; wipe the second layer of waterproof mortar after pressure real. According to normal maintenance, spraying cement maintenance agent effect is better. Before the use of the base surface clean, there are larger cracks, holes using impermeable plugging agent to repair flat again with a sprayer or brush directly on the monotonous base surface construction. 24 hours after the construction shall not be flooded by rain, 5 ℃ following successive construction. Nano-silicon waterproof agent diluted liquid is now used, the same day used up.

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