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Classification Of Indoor Waterproof Coatings

Jul 25, 2017

Flexible mortar: emulsion and mortar ratio is 5:4, with flexibility, even if the basic deformation cracks will not affect waterproof effect. More used for metope and ground surface, can not be used for top surface, such as water, if waterproof did not do well, there is infiltration, it is very easy to pack seepage. Price: 300-500 yuan/barrel, a barrel 18 kg. Flexible mortar also has a class of silicone-type waterproof coatings, belong to high-grade flexible mortar, elastic tension and flexibility are very good, but the price of 600 yuan/barrels, more expensive, very rare in the market.

Acrylic ester: Pure liquid, open cover is used. Water, can be mixed with the ground, it is easy to combine with the gap to form a solid waterproof layer, better waterproof effect than flexible mortar. After brushing, we need to do the surface treatment, such as nap or lifting sand, to increase the friction, easy to paste brick. Because of the good waterproof effect, flexible mortar and acrylic ester are more suitable for long-term immersion in the environment. Price: 300-500 yuan/barrel, a barrel 18 kg.

One-component polyurethane: both inside and outside the room, brush finished very thick, about 3 mm, and elastic tension in more than 300%, very resilient, any substrate cracking will not make its crack, waterproof effect is the best. Although the security can be controlled in the environmental requirements of the column, but this kind of waterproof coating odor, the general people are difficult to accept, and very individual brands of environmental performance is not standard. Polyurethane is rubber-like, very thick, the construction needs to use scraper, very laborious, more complex. After brushing the coating needs to be done surface treatment, nap or sand to increase friction, easy to paste bricks. Price: 500 yuan/barrel, a bucket 18 kg.

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