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Construction Technology Of Polyurethane Waterproof Coating

Jul 25, 2017

1. Base Surface cleaning: with iron shovel, broom and other tools to remove construction waste, such as in the case of stains need solvent cleaning, grass-roots have defects or running sand phenomenon, needs new repair.

2. When necessary, the water skin excellent waterproof paint and water and water leather matching powder according to the proportion of 2:0.7:1 (weight ratio) to stir into slurry, evenly brushing at the grassroots level.

3. Material preparation: After drying the primary treatment agent (if any), will 6~8% water skin excellent matching powder and $number water stir into slurry, this slurry into the water skin excellent waterproof coating in the electric stirring evenly after the scraping, or directly $number water into the water skin excellent waterproof coating in the strong mixing can be coated scraping.

4. Node strengthening treatment: According to the specification requirements for the project node parts (such as: Yin and yang angle, after pouring belt, construction seam, root, water mouth, etc.) to strengthen treatment.

5. Large-scale layer coating water skin excellent waterproof coating: the horizontal and directional layer of water coating and scraping skin excellent waterproof, the previous coating table dry but for the hard work (under normal circumstances, between the two layers about 8-12 hours), to refer to contact Non-stick, after the construction of a coating. Layered layer coating should pay attention to the moderate force, do not leak the bottom, do not accumulate. Recommended Dosage: Film thickness 1.5~2.0mm, water skin Excellent waterproof coating dosage 1.8~2.5kg/m2.

6. Waterproof layer head: Water skin superior coating to use more than brushing or sealing materials sealed.

7. Organization acceptance.

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