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EPDM-TBD self-adhesive rubber membrane construction process

Oct 16, 2017

Construction technology:

EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil According to the engineering and construction parts, can be used pre-shop anti-sticking method, self-adhesive dry shop method, wet shop construction method.

 1. Prepaid anti - sticking method:

concrete floor adapted for underground works. When the construction of the coil empty shop (or local adhesive fixed) in the grass-roots level, self-adhesive layer up.


Construction process:

 Grass-roots clean-up → node parts to strengthen the treatment → pre-coated self-adhesive coil → lap coil → node seal welding → peel off the surface of the membrane insulation and sprinkle cement powder → protective layer.

  2. self-adhesive dry shop method:

suitable for foundation, basement roof or exposed roof panels. The concrete structure of the base surface brushing the primary treatment agent (water, oil can be). The base treatment agent can be dried after drying self-adhesive coil.


Construction process:

Base cleaning → brushing the base treatment agent → the details of the node processing → large surface paving, rolling pressure stick - lap roller pressure sticky → local lap welding → protective layer (Note: exposed roof can not do protective layer)

 3. wet shop method:

apply to the foundation, the basement roof or exposed roof panels under poor conditions, the use of wet shop construction, the cement mortar coated on the base surface, and then covered with waterproofing membrane.


Construction process:

Grass-roots cleaning → configuration of the cement slurry → the details of the node treatment → pre-coated membrane → scrapped cement slurry → side tear film side of the paving film → large surface exhaust, roll pressure sticky → lap bonding compaction Edge sealing welding treatment → protective layer.

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