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Polymer Self-adhesive Film Considerations

Nov 17, 2017

1. It is strictly prohibited under the rain, snow and ice and magnitude windy weather construction (construction) within the tunnels, body piercing, glue adhesive film coil construction environment temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃.

2.When transportation and storage, different types and specifications should be piled up separately.

3.Avoid temperature shall not be higher than 45 ℃, the coil square storage stack height is not more than five layer.

4.To prevent incline or pressure when transported, cover felt cloth when necessary.

5.Under normal transport and storage conditions, the product storage period shall be at least one year from the date of production.

6. No construction can be made on the base of pollution and high water content.


7.The packaging and insulating paper of self-adhesive coil can only be removed before and after tipings.


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