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Roofing Waterproof Construction Technology

Nov 21, 2017

The roof construction process of rolling wood waterproof layer is mainly:


1. Thermal adhesion method: the construction method of the binding of the coil with the base, the coil and the coil is carried out by using the thermal maltators.

2. Cold bonding method: the adhesive or the adhesive of the base, the coil and the coiled material are used in the paper, and the method of heating construction is not required.

3. Self-adhesive method: adopt waterproof rolling material with self-adhesive adhesive, do not use hot construction, and do not need to apply cementing material, and the construction method of bonding.

4. Hot melt method: adopt the construction method of the bonding of hot melt adhesive at the bottom of the hot melt type by flame heater.

5. Welding method: the construction method for the bonding of waterproof rolling material with hot air welding gun is adopted.

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