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Shendun EVA& ECB Waterproof Equipment Put Into Production(width 3m)

Nov 16, 2017

The three - meter EVA and the ECB waterproof board equipment were put into production

Recently, our company shendun  has been developing and manufacturing the three-meter broad railway with waterproof board and put into production, the production line is large, the automation degree is high, the quality is stable.Can realize the online side thickness, centralized feeding, online monitoring and other automation requirements.


With the rapid development of national infrastructure construction, the demand for building waterproof materials has increased greatly.Especially the subway, bridge, tunnel and other people's livelihood projects.For the current stage, the railway tunnel project mostly selects TBT3360.1-2014 standard EVA and ECB.The tensile strength of this product is greater than 18Mpa, the tear strength is greater than 100KN/m, the VA content is greater than 5%, and the flame retardant grade is B1 level.The production capacity of this production line will reach 1000kg/h after production, and the supply cycle can be shortened effectively.


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