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Shendun HDPE Construction Method (1)---Dry Laying Method

Nov 16, 2017

1. Construction process:


Primary cleaning - - - brushing of the primary treatment - - -Nodal enhancement processing- - - determination of the base line- - - - The construction of self-adhesive waterproof rolling material - - - node-seal - - - face handover


2. Basic requirements:


The grass roots meet the following conditions and have been transferred to the working face

1) basic maintenance to the prescribed age,

2) the base surface is flat and dry, and has been cleaned

3) the Yin and Yang corners are rounded


3. Construction method:


1) after cleaning the grass roots, apply the self-adhesive waterproof rolling materials to the base of the grass root treatment, and put them to the point of touch not sticky (not sticky feet);

2) the node parts shall be waterproof and enhanced according to specifications or design requirements;

3) arrange the placement sequence and direction according to the actual situation of the site, so that the line can be played at the base level so that the first roll can be accurately positioned;

4) will coil bond in the face of quasi datum flat out on the base, from one end will be isolated from the backing paper, two people hold firstly unveils the isolation of paper (or top-down) to pull back, slowly pull all the long isolation of paper, at the same time will remove the part of the isolation of paper paste on the base.When pulling the roll, should always pay attention to alignment with the baseline line, the speed should not be too fast, lest the deviation is difficult to correct.When the coil is pasted, do not stretch hard.After the tape is pasted, the rubber roller (or scraper) is used to push forward, to roll out the air, and to make it stick to the base.

5) lap when the shop is stuck under a coil, will be located in the lower layer coil overlap part of the transparent isolation membrane lifts, when the upper coil paste on the lower coil, coil lap width not less than 60 mm.

6) the relatively weak position (i.e. the head position of the coil and the different parts of the cutting of the coil, etc.) should be sealed with a special sealing paste.


4. Construction considerations:


1) the quality of the base quality directly affects the laying quality of the waterproof layer.The base must be firm, flat, clean and dry.The yin-yang Angle is formed in a straight arc.

2) prior to the construction of the waterproof layer, the installation of the wall or the perforated pipe and the embedded parts shall be fixed to avoid the damage to the waterproof layer due to the hole drilling in the waterproof layer.

3) apply hard and thin, uniform thickness, no leakage, no accumulation.The base treatment agent should be ready to lay the paper after drying, otherwise the dust will need to be repainted.

4) all the joints between the two adjacent sheets of the same layer and the two layers of rolling materials should be staggered by one third to one half of the width, so as to avoid the overlapping of the multi-layer joints and the uncovering of the coiled materials.

5) when pasting large rolls, do not remove the transparent insulating film of the back of the coil, so as not to contaminate the bonding layer or the wrong adhesion.If the HDPE membrane that the coil needs to bond is contaminated, can be cleaned with special primary treatment agent.

6) avoid inclement weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, etc.

7) after the construction is completed and after acceptance, it should be kept in a timely manner, and effective temporary protection measures should be taken if the special circumstances cannot be concealed in time.


5. Quality standards:


1) the materials used and the main supporting materials shall conform to the design requirements and specifications.

2) the water resistant layer and its deformation joints and embedded pipe fittings must comply with the design requirements and specifications.

3) there is no leakage in the waterproof layer.

4) the base is solid and flat, the surface is smooth and clean, and no time for drum, loose, sand and peeling phenomenon.

5) the laying method and lap joint are in accordance with the design requirements, specifications and waterproof construction drawings.

6) the roller is in the correct direction, and the width of the lap width is allowed to be plus or minus 10mm.

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