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Shendun New Waterproof Product--HDPE With No Sticky

Jul 13, 2018


Non-asphalt-based polymer self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane is the company adopts innovative technology, mainly made of macromolecule (HDPE, TPO, EVA, ECB) resin sheet, directly coated on the surface of extruded sheet Non-pitch polymer macromolecule hot-melt adhesive and sand anti-adhesive layer (or release film) is a polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane that is extruded at one time. The coil material has pre-shopped anti-sticking properties and can be integrated with self-waterproofing of concrete structures.

Non-primary cement slurries in polymer self-adhesive films and post-cast concrete (or binders) penetrate through the creep phase through the anti-sticking layer under pressure to form effective interpenetrating bonds and large molecules. Force, the self-adhesive layer of the coil reacts with the liquid concrete slurry to form a gap-free combination between the waterproof and the concrete structure, eliminate hidden troubles between the layers, and effectively improve the reliability of the waterproof system.

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