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The Advantages Of Building A Black Membrane Biogas Digester With HDPE Impervious Membrane

Jul 25, 2017

1. High Anti-seepage coefficient: The HDPE impervious membrane installed in the pool has the impervious effect which the ordinary waterproof material cannot compare, does not pollute the ground water, has the high-strength tensile mechanical property, the fine elasticity and the deformation ability makes it very suitable for the expansion and the shrinking base surface, can overcome the uneven settlement of the base surface effectively.

2, storage convenience: Fecal contamination can be stored at any time, storage cycle can be determined according to the fertilization cycle and the requirements of the period of septic maturation, feces can be accessed and used.

3, Anti-Aging: anti-osmotic membrane has excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, decomposition-resistant ability, can be exposed to external use, material life can reach 30 years.

4, resistance to plant: impermeable membrane has excellent puncture resistance, can resist the plant root of most plants, to avoid damage to the impervious film, to ensure that the use of the film and function of the membrane.

5, environmental protection without poisoning: impervious membrane using non-toxic environmental protection materials, self-defense principle for the physical process, the whole process does not produce toxic substances, do not affect land reuse.

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