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The Construction Method Of High Polymer Waterproof Rolling Material Filling Method

Nov 13, 2017

Full viscose is a method that does not expand the coil and heat the rolling material.Macromolecule waterproof rolling material can adopt the construction method of full stick method, so what is the step?Please see the introduction below.


(1) the spread of the beginning coil:


Will coil in a starting position, for a long, short direction lap seam, rolled coil around 1000 mm, lift has started, open the gun firing, spray gun head and coil 50 ~ l00mm distance, and at the grass-roots level in 300 ~ 450 Angle, aim the flame coil and junction at the grass-roots level, at the same time the bottom, hot melt adhesive surface heating coil and at the grass-roots level, to the hot melt glue line appear black gloss, shine to slightly micro bubble, slowly put down the coil tile in the grass-roots, and strong exhaust rolled coil with grassroots binding.


(2) roll-shop: large area roller can be carried out after the beginning and end of the roller:


The construction personnel is located in the front of the rolling roller, and heating the coil and the base at the same time according to the above method, only heating the two sides and heating the heating width at about 150mm.Rollers are on the top of the rolled coil, and the rolls are rolled down slowly when the rolls are fully heated, and they are always ready to be prepared for the smoothness of the rolls and the width of the seam.After that, a person with cotton yarn in the middle of the middle to the two sides of the rolling materials, kick out the bubble, and use a scraper to bring the overflow of hot glue to the edge seam.

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