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The Difference Between Waterproofing Membrane And Waterproof Coating

Jul 25, 2017

Roll material Construction: The shortcoming--waterproofing membrane to deal with the complex basic level can only use the splicing way, the mutual difficulty is big, the interface waterproof quality is unable to guarantee, the leaking hidden danger is big; waterproof roll material any part of the penetration of the damage, degumming, leaking gum (that even if only one) the whole of its coherent level of waterproof function will be all lost, if not found damaged and defective parts, then the local repair is not possible, then only the heavy waterproof, waterproof roll material construction strength, the actual construction capacity of the construction requirements; The construction period of large area waterproofing works is long.

Waterproof Coating: Advantages-Ignoring the complex problem of the base surface can be made into a continuous whole waterproof layer; the equipment is simple, the construction technology is easy to master, the construction period of large area is short, the construction strength is low, and the coating waterproof layer has 100% bonding surface (crack and nodes and other parts of the use of reinforced layer of space, except); Paint waterproof layer in the life of the water leakage, most of the grass-roots cracking width than waterproof coating can extend the range, leakage causes and formation of the location of leakage is very easy to find, the warranty is very convenient, As long as a small amount of waterproof material to repair the cracks and damaged parts can be, high-quality waterproof coating on the back surface waterproof to achieve success. Some waterproof coating can be constructed in damp base and form waterproof layer.

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