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The Waterproof Coating On The Building Contains

Jul 25, 2017

At that time, China's waterproof coatings market, the type is still more appropriate, for example, cement-based permeable crystalline type of waterproof coating, perhaps water-based asphalt waterproof coating, epoxy floor coatings, as well as the use of polyurethane for the first material made of waterproof materials and so on, they due to the type of different, raw materials have a certain difference, so, in the application of the process alongside, the implementation of the standard is also very different. Therefore, the use of the building waterproof coating is not qualified, it is necessary to see if these coatings are implemented by the relevant standards, only qualified waterproof paint in the construction of cent, only to ensure the advantages of its function. It is necessary to keep in mind the construction of the building.

With the opening of the Economic society, the city's land resources have been occupied increasing, the high-rise buildings in the city are constantly set up, three types of high-rise settlement cracks waterproof to do the analysis. Through the reasonable disposal of construction joints and settlement joints, reinforced concrete structure and flexible layer of the construction of several aspects to be discussed. How to reasonably construct the waterproof and leakage of the settlement seam? The settlement seam is called as the settlement seam to avoid the damage of the house due to the uneven settlement of the foundation. Because the concrete pouring composition surface presents all kinds of danger and the quality question briefly, therefore, the different structural engineering to the Changzhou settlement seam waterproof plugging leakage disposal needs to be cautious.

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