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Underground Pipe Gallery HDPE Self-adhesive Film

Dec 21, 2017

With the development of urban underground space, the construction of underground integrated pipe gallery is increasing. Pipe for HDPE self-adhesive film waterproofing membrane is a special high-density polyethylene film as the substrate, the substrate covered with self-adhesive layer and the isolation layer, has many advantages:

1. Self-adhesive layer of strong bonding, with the main structure of the base surface fit, not hollowing, not channeling water.

2. Coil and grass-roots shop, no bond. Subsidence deformation will not affect its waterproof function.

3. Impact and puncture resistance is excellent.

4. Strong chemical resistance. Alkaline water from concrete has good resistance, with mildew, corrosion-resistant properties.

4 wet shop, low on the grassroots. Not affected by the weather and grass-roots damp, which can effectively ensure the construction period and quality.

5. No surface treatment, no need for oil or hot air drying damp grass-roots, no volatile substances.

6. Cold construction, construction, safe and efficient, to ensure the construction efficiency.


At the same time, but also according to the construction environment and the requirements of HDPE self-adhesive film sandblasting waterproofing membrane, that is, a layer of sand on the surface of the coating layer of sand, sand surface can be used as a layer of insulation to prevent adhesive sticky feet, and can be very Well protected waterproofing membrane.

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