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What are the characteristics of TPO waterproof coil from Shendun?

Nov 03, 2017

What are the characteristics of TPO waterproof coil?The following is to introduce the TPO waterproof rolling materials in this area:


1. The components of TPO waterproof rolling materials contain no plasticizers and chlorinated polymers. No harmful gases are produced and released during welding and use, which are harmless to the environment and human health.


2. The joints are constructed with thermal welding, which can form a reliable and reliable waterproof layer.


3. TPO waterproofing materials enhanced TPO waterproofing layer between the two polyester fabrics, provide coil high tensile properties, high tear strength, fatigue resistance, durability performance, more suitable for mechanical fixed roof system.


4. The fabric under the surface of the backlined TPO waterproof rolling material makes the coil easier to bond with the base.


5. Homogeneous TPO waterproof rolling materials are malleable and can be processed into various shapes when heated, in order to adapt to complex nodes.


6. The TPO waterproof coil adopts advanced polymerization technology to combine the ethylene propylene rubber with polypropylene, and it has the excellent weatherability and weldability of polypropylene.


7, special formula technology, make the material easily without adding any brittle plasticizer, do not produce general hot welding coil (PVC) due to the migration of plasticizer and brittle phenomenon, maintain long-term waterproof function.


8, excellent high and low temperature resistance, as well as rubber materials under a 50 ℃ still maintain flexibility, and maintain mechanical strength at high temperatures.


9. Chemical resistance of TPO waterproof rolling materials, acid, alkali, salt, animal oil, vegetable oil, oil corrosion, algae resistance, mould and other microorganism growth.


10. The TPO waterproof rolling material has excellent resistance to root puncture, which can be used as root puncture material for planting roof.


11. Thermal aging, good dimensional stability.


12. Light surface with white color, smooth surface, high reflectivity, energy saving effect and anti-pollution.


To sum up, the introduction of TPO waterproof rolling materials in the features, welcome you to visit our company for investigation and cooperation!

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