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Self-adhesive EPDM-TBD Tape

Self-adhesive EPDM-TBD Tape

Product introduction: EPDM-TBD self-adhesive rubber waterproofing membrane (EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil) is our company using independent cutting-edge technology,us ing new technology equipment, during the production of soldering EPDM waterproofing membrane process ( SD-JH) technology in the...

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Product introduction:

   EPDM-TBD self-adhesive rubber waterproofing membrane (EPDM-TBD self-adhesive coil) is our company using independent cutting-edge technology,using new technology equipment,during the production of soldering EPDM waterproofing membrane process ( SD-JH) technology in the EPDM coil extrusion,activating Ethylene-propylene rubber surface&he polymerization of isobutylene thickening material and the separation of film from the high-strength extrusion directly, welding can be the newest EPDM self-adhesive waterproof materials. EPDM-TBD self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is a first-class extrusion all over the world, self-adhesive layer with high strength of the pressure sensitivity and reactivity, with the cast-in-place concrete base to form a suction cup effect and inorganic reaction in concrete to form a chemical bond, To achieve with the concrete "skin type" full sticky effect. The material is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, tasteless, flexible, durable and physical properties are better than the traditional asphalt self-adhesive coil, to meet the modern high-grade Building a century of life design requirements, is the best waterproofing waterproof construction materials and also the preferred waterproof building materials at home and abroad.


super strong cohesive force, the web self-adhesive layer directly generated by polymerization, can not be stripped away, sealed waterproof not channeling water.

domestic and foreign polymer self-adhesive waterproofing membrane: the first material directly on the surface of the formation of self-adhesive layer bonding technology, can be combined with the concrete bonded together to achieve a permanent waterproof effect.

super resistance to climate aging, ozone resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light, to meet the requirements of a variety of environmental conditions.

high strength&elongation, strong resistance to piercing, high bending, excellent flexibility, adapting to the deformation of various building structures.

★ wet construction, lap can be welded, change the traditional EPDM wihtout welding drawbacks.

★ excellent high resistance, low temperature, up to -40 ℃ without cracking, it is that asphalt &other coil couldn’t achieved.

★ excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, long-term resistance under a variety of natural environment, erosion of chemicals.

★ light material carrier , non-toxic, tasteless, green, resistance to the root system, making the living ecological.

★ cold construction, without using fire operations, construction simply, safe & environmentally friendly, convenient and fast.


 used for the wooden structure, metal structure and environmental safety requirements of the higher schools, airports, hospitals, pavilions and other waterproofing works.   


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